3 Benefits Of Lawn Aeration Services


A lawn aeration treatment at least once a year goes a long way in maintaining your lawn's health. There are several benefits your lawn will enjoy if you hire lawn care experts to treat it. For instance, these professionals will ensure to include lawn aeration treatments in the maintenance plan so your lawn can stay healthy all year round.

Here are three benefits of hiring aeration services.

1. Manage Thatch Buildup

Thatch is the layer of dead grass, leaves, and debris that accumulates in your lawn around the new grass. This layer builds up and forms a barrier to the soil. Once the thatch is thick enough, it will rob your grass of nutrients, water, and sunlight.

Thus, your lawn will need aeration treatments to help regulate the buildup by introducing microorganisms into the soil. They will then break down and decompose the thatch enough for the living grass to thrive.

Note that aeration will not effectively reduce the buildup if thatch grows to more than ¾ an inch. You may need dethatching — a similar but more extreme process than aeration. However, regular aeration will manage the early layer of thatch buildup to ensure it does not grow to the extent of needing dethatching.  

2. Productive Irrigation

Most lawns suffer from poor water absorption resulting in pooling water (puddles). Your yard may have hardened soil that is nonabsorbent, causing puddles to form.

Aeration cures the pooling problem by creating small perforations on your lawn for a sponging effect. Water will then seep through the holes into the soil and water the grass. This process will improve your yard's ability to absorb irrigation or rainwater into the root system.  

Aeration will also reduce the excess runoff of water, minimizing water wastage. Additionally, on a well-aerated lawn, water penetrates deep into the soil, therefore creating a deeper root system. A deep root system improves the level of drought tolerance by the grass.

Lawn aeration treatment will also save you money in reduced water bills due to better irrigation.

3. Loosen Compacted Soil

Compacted soil is one of the most common reasons to aerate your lawn. Soil compacts after some time due to heavy equipment or décor, extreme weather, or frequent foot traffic in your yard. This compression leads to the topsoil becoming denser and suffocating the roots of the grass. Therefore, grass will not receive water, fertilizer, or much-needed nutrients.

Consequently, your lawn will have thinning grass, dead spots, and patches.

Aerating your lawn allows the topsoil to mix with the nutrient-rich parts of the soil and create an even balance of nutrients. This balance encourages the grassroots to grow deeper and build up drought resilience.

Reach out to an aeration service to learn more.  


9 December 2022

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