A Guide To Planning And Installing A Home Landscape Design


A well-planned and executed landscape design can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional extension of your home. From selecting the perfect plants to installing hardscape elements, the process of planning and installing a home landscape requires careful consideration. Here's how to go about the process. Step 1: Assess Your Outdoor Space and Lifestyle Needs Begin by evaluating your outdoor space, considering factors such as size, climate, soil conditions, and sun exposure.

26 April 2023

5 Ways To Help Your Landscape Recover From Heavy Rains


Heavy rain is a double-edged sword for your yard. It brings needed moisture and can help plants thrive, but the downpour can also do physical damage. How can you and your landscapers help your yard recover faster and healthier after extreme rain? Here are a few things to consider.  1. Stay Off the Grass. Waterlogged soil becomes fragile. It's easily compacted and forms harmful troughs and ridges when any pressure is applied.

4 April 2023

Tackle Some Springtime Gardening Projects That Use Stones


Springtime gardening projects can incorporate decorative stones that will draw attention to a new flowering plant or shrub. A landscape stone supplier features beach pebbles, quartz pieces, gravel, and many other stone varieties that can be delivered directly to your residence.  Stone Additions Stone additions support increased drainage. They can also be used to accent one or more parts of your yard. Stone products include artificial stones and manmade ones. Stone types can be mixed together.

17 March 2023

Installing A Sprinkler System? How To Avoid Mistakes


If you're going to invest in a sprinkler system this spring, now's the time to plan for the installation. This is especially important if you plan to install a sprinkler system by yourself. Mistakes with the installation can cost you time and money. Mistakes can also lead to water waste. That's why you need to make a plan. If you've never installed a sprinkler system before, read the list provided below.

6 March 2023

Neighbor's Tree Affecting You? 4 Ways To Handle The Problem


Has your neighbor's tree encroached upon your property in some way? Whether it's roots growing close to your foundation, low-hanging limbs in your yard, or fruit falling into your property, you can take steps to mitigate a nuisance tree.  However, there are limits to what you can do and how to approach it. Here are a few key things to do when addressing a neighbor tree problem.  1. Start with a Conversation

6 February 2023

5 Ways To Add Depth To Your Landscaping Design


A flat yard can seem one-dimensional. Adding depth to your landscaping can be done in part by choosing plants of various heights, colors, and textures. It is also helpful to use a few techniques beyond plant selection when looking to add depth to your design.  1. Stacked Beds A quick way to add a bit of depth to a garden area is to use stacked raised beds. This technique uses a cluster of raised beds of various heights.

18 January 2023

What Are The Key Benefits Of Installing A Concrete Driveway?


Homeowners looking to upgrade the look of their property and add value should consider installing a concrete driveway. Not only do they provide superior durability, low maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness, but they also add significant aesthetic appeal to any home. This article will discuss three primary benefits that come with installing a concrete driveway. Durable  Concrete driveways are extremely durable and can withstand wear and tear from all sorts of weather conditions and vehicle traffic.

28 December 2022

3 Benefits Of Lawn Aeration Services


A lawn aeration treatment at least once a year goes a long way in maintaining your lawn's health. There are several benefits your lawn will enjoy if you hire lawn care experts to treat it. For instance, these professionals will ensure to include lawn aeration treatments in the maintenance plan so your lawn can stay healthy all year round. Here are three benefits of hiring aeration services. 1. Manage Thatch Buildup

9 December 2022

Important Types Of Lawn Care Your Grass Needs To Stay Healthy And Strong


A beautiful lawn doesn't come naturally. Weeds compete with grass, and your grass may succumb to insect damage and poor nutrition. Lawn care encompasses many things. You may have a hard time keeping up with all you have to do, so hiring a lawn care service is often the best thing to do. Learn about the services they offer, whether it's only mowing or also adding lawn treatments, so you know if there is anything you need to do yourself to keep your grass lush.

22 November 2022

Common Myths Concerning Retaining Walls


In order to make the most of your landscaping and to ensure that it looks its best, there can be a number of upgrades and changes that you may want to make. One of these changes could be the installation of retaining walls. These walls can be instrumental in preventing soil from shifting or becoming unstable, but they can be very misunderstood by homeowners that are needing to assess whether installing them is the right choice.

25 October 2022