Lush Landscaping Without Water Waste: How to Xeriscape With Confidence


If you Xeriscape, you take care of your yard with conservation in mind. Everyone needs to conserve water, not just those in the desert, but will your lawn still be lush? Will your favorite flowers survive the stingy use of water? Yes! Here's how to Xeriscape with confidence. 1. Break up your landscaping so it's not one giant field of thirsty grass. A wide area devoted exclusively to grass means more water and work.

27 July 2015

5 Considerations When Selecting Synthetic Grass For Your School


Currently, there are at least 40-45 million square feet of synthetic grass installed in the United States. This is used in landscaping, playgrounds, and sports fields. If you are considering converting your school's play area to synthetic grass, you should make sure you understand five vital issues.  Do You Need Abrasion Reduction?  Most suppliers offer various levels of quality to fit your needs and your budget. To cover large areas where the risk of slipping and falling is relatively low, you may want to pursue an economy line of synthetic grass.

13 July 2015

3 Landscaping Tricks to Make Your Yard the Talk of the Town


Do your neighbor's flowerbeds make you green with envy? If you want to add a little visual interest to your own yard, you might figure that the transformation involves a trip to the home improvement store to pick up a few flats of flowers. However, if you really want to make those flowerbeds look crisp and professional, you might need to do a few other things before you choose and plant flowers and shrubs.

10 July 2015

3 Tips For Growing A Healthy Apple Tree


There are a lot of good reasons to grow trees in your yard. They provide shade, beautify the landscape, and even increase your home's curb value. However, growing an apple tree gives you some extra benefits as well – you get fragrant blossoms and delicious fruit during the harvest season. Growing a healthy apple tree isn't that much harder than keeping any other tree in peak condition, but there are some things that you have to know to maintain your apple tree's health and ensure a good harvest.

8 July 2015

How Can You Improve Your Lawn's Drainage?


If you dread both summer thundershowers and winter snowstorms for their ability to transform your lawn into a muddy swamp, you may be suffering from inadequate lawn drainage. In some cases, your lawn may never have been equipped with a drainage system or graded to ensure proper water runoff. And because topography changes over time, your home may have even been designed with an adequate lawn drainage system that has flattened or become crater-shaped with use.

7 July 2015