Lawn Care Tips That You May Be Overlooking


The lawn surrounding your home is one of the most noticeable features of your property, and it should be no surprise that its condition can play an important role in determining the value and attractiveness of your property. Sadly, lawn care is an aspect of homeownership that will be more complicated than many new homeowners may originally anticipate. In order to prevent yourself from making some serious oversights, you should follow some guidelines that new homeowners frequently neglect.

Sharpen And Adjust The Lawnmower's Blade

It is often assumed that a lawn mower's engine will be the only part of it that requires regular maintenance. However, the blade that cuts the grass will gradually become dull. When this occurs, you will find that the lawn mower is far less likely to be able to effectively cut the grass, which can lead to an uneven length for your blades of grass. Additionally, you will need to have the positioning of the blade adjusted, as it will gradually lower, and this can cause the grass to be cut far too short. Ideally, this maintenance should be done each spring and at the midpoint of the mowing season.

Take Lawn Weed Control Seriously

Weeds can be an obvious problem for flowerbeds, but they can be a more subtle problem for lawns. Furthermore, there are some homeowners that may not realize that weeds can pose a serious problem for their grass, as these plants will compete with your grass for nutrients, sunlight, and space. Luckily, you will not have to spend hours manually pulling weeds from your lawn, as there are herbicides that you can use that will target weeds while leaving your grass alone. Furthermore, you may be able to install weed netting that will make it much more difficult for weeds to germinate.

Use Edging Around Your Lawn's Perimeter

The edge of your lawn may be an area that you do not give much thought. However, this part of the lawn can be particularly problematic. Weeds will often be particularly bad near the edges of lawn, and the soil may be far more prone to erosion. Eventually, these problems can cause your grass to start receding from the edges. The installation of edging around the perimeter of your property will reduce many of these issues by providing a barrier. Every few months, you should walk the perimeter of your property to inspect the edging, as it may be possible for some sections of it to shift positions, fall over, or otherwise experience problems that will inhibit its effectiveness.

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8 May 2017

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