Want To Create A Lawn Gap Between The Sidewalk? Consider Some Landscaping Ideas


When it comes to assessing your landscape and what areas are at the most risk of damage, it is hard to pass up the space by the sidewalk because people and dogs passing by can cause a lot of harm. It is easy for a homeowner to think that this kind of situation is unavoidable and damage will happen. But, you can minimize or eliminate the damage that happens to your landscape by adding a gap between the lawn. A landscaping contractor can help with this protective measure and new addition in your yard.

Spread Out Plants

One option for making a barrier between the sidewalk and your lawn is to spread out mulch and grow plants throughout the mulched area. This will give your landscape a well-groomed look. You can choose from a variety of native plants to add depth and color or you can pick the easiest ones to maintain. A landscaper can also run you through all the mulch options until you find one that you love.

Privacy Hedge

Another way to get the protection that you want is through a privacy hedge. These hedges are different from creating a mulch barrier because it will restrict the pathway to your lawn. You will have to go directly to the area where the privacy hedge is not to get to your landscape where the grass is located. This should stop just about everyone passing by from being able to get in contact with your lawn and cause it harm. You do not have to worry about giving up a view of the front yard to make this happen. While many privacy hedges in backyards grow a dozen feet tall, you can get ones that can be managed at a few feet tall.

Landscaping Rocks

If you want to go for the lowest maintenance route to gaining protection for your lawn, you should consider landscaping rocks. This allows you to choose your favorite rocks that are in your price range and then have them scattered in a strategical manner to protect the lawn from potential damage. Most dogs will not like the feeling of walking on a collection of rocks to get to your grass, so even if a dog owner allows their canine to run around off leash, they are still likely to stay away from your property.

Trying out one of these methods will give you the barrier and protection that you need in your yard. Check out sites like http://www.allamericanlandscapedesign.com for more ideas.


10 May 2017

Beautiful Landscaping Can Transform the Look of Any Home

When my husband and I bought our house years ago, we thought it would be our "starter" home and we would move in a few years. We soon had two children, and we then decided against moving since we live in a great school district and we love our neighbors. However, I was growing very tired of the appearance of our home. We painted it a different color, and it still seemed like the "same old house" that we were tired of. We finally deciding that maybe good landscaping would "do the trick" and make our home more enjoyable to use again. We were right, and I now love our home! I now love spending time in our yard and just enjoying the scenery. I have such a passion for landscaping now I decided to create a blog about it. I plan to share many landscaping tips, so come back!