How To Keep Your Dog Away From Your Sprinkler System


Many homeowners install sprinkler systems to scare their dogs away from their garden. Unfortunately, some dogs love sprinklers. This system may keep your pet away from your garden, but your dog may find a new interest. Read on to find out how to keep your dog away from your sprinkler system.

What Kind Of Damage Can Animals Do To Your Irrigation System?

Dogs are really fascinated by the nozzle that pops up out of the ground and spray water. This fascination leads to pets running towards the sprinklers instead of away from them. Dogs can break sprinklers by chewing on them, biting on them, and digging the nozzles out of the ground. Your pet can also get into the sprinkler box and chew on the wires. Chewed wires can result in an inoperable sprinkler system. At this point, it becomes an expensive problem.

Secure Your Wiring Box

It helps to keep your wiring box shut tight from animals. You have to seal the sides, bottom, the top, and any other openings. Sprinkler boxes are usually set up bottomless because the rainwater has to drain out from the inside. You can seal the bottom of the box with mesh wire from your local hardware store.

The top must be concealed from animals. You can put mesh wire to close off your wiring box or set something heavy on top of it. Any other openings can be stuffed with sharp rocks and steel wool. You want to make sure that animals cannot get into your sprinkler wiring box.

Put Out Mulch And Pine Cones

It helps to put mulch and pine comes around the sprinkler heads. Dogs do not like the way these items feel on their paws. If you are still having problems with your dog, then you should put an extra layer of pine cones and mulch.

Be Consistent

You must let your pet know from the beginning that your sprinkler system is off limits. Many pet owners are inconsistent. If your dog approaches the box or sprinkler head, then, you should tell your pet "No". Some dog owners may not say anything one day or scream the next day. If you are not consistent, then your dog is going to continue to damage your sprinkler system.

Most homeowners want their lawn to look lush and beautiful. A sprinkler system helps you with maintaining curb appeal. It helps to find ways to maintain your investment. For more tips, talk with a company like Boehm Landscape Inc today.


21 May 2017

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