Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Installing A Paver Stone Walkway


If you really want your landscaping to pop, it is all about creating the perfect balance of hardscaping, such as curbs and walkways, and flowers, trees, and plants. Adding a paver stone walkway is probably one of the easiest ways you can add a layer of visual interest in your landscaping and all the materials you need are pretty easy to find at the local home improvement store. However, installing a walkway with paver stones can actually be tougher than it looks. Check out these simple but problematic mistakes DIYers tend to make when installing their own paver stone walkway. 

Mistake: Poorly planning where the walkway should be placed. 

Why? Where you place the paver stone walkway will have a lot of impact on the success of your project. For example, slightly sloped areas can be incredibly difficult to level out properly before putting the stones down, so you could end up with a walkway that appears uneven. Likewise, areas that hold a great deal of water are not the best choice because your stones will settle a great deal after they have been placed. 

Mistake: Not choosing paver stones that make sense in the landscape design. 

Why? When you initially go to pick out the paver stones that you want to use for your walkway, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. Just a few examples of the choices you will be faced with include:

  • textured pavers with natural stone appearances or smooth-surfaced pavers
  • geometric paver stones or paver stones in rough-cut shapes akin to natural stones
  • a broad range of color hues 

It is important that you consider carefully the paver stones you choose because their appearance can completely alter the overall look of your landscape. Keep in mind that while one stone may seem like it would coincide well, when complete, the walkway will be a massive visual component. 

Mistake: Not adding a layer of sand or stabilizer before placing the paver stones. 

Why? It is crucial that after you get the planned area leveled out and ready for the pavers you add a layer of stabilizing sand or other compound before you start laying the stones in place. This stabilizer holds the stones where they are instead of allowing them to shift, sink, and tilt when you  walk on them. Even though this part of the process may seem obsolete, it is actually incredibly important to do. 


29 May 2017

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