Three Landscaping Mistakes That Affect Your Sprinklers


A sprinkler system makes it much easier to keep your lawn watered and green. This can backfire, though, if the sprinkler doesn't work as it should. Fortunately, most systems will work well with proper maintenance and installation. The following are some landscaping mistakes to avoid, since they can interfere with the operation of your sprinkler system.

#1: Ignoring bushes and large plants

Chances are that your landscape wasn't fully developed when you first had the sprinklers installed. Over the years, plants have grown larger or you have added new plants. Unfortunately, sometimes those plants block an emitter so it no longer can spray the section of yard it's supposed to irrigate. When planting something new, make sure it doesn't block any existing emitters. You may also need to prune old plants so they don't block the spray. Another alternative is to switch from a standard lawn emitter to a pole emitter. These can sit a foot or more above ground, which allows them to spray over the top of larger landscape plants.

#2: Installing emitters in mulch beds

Mulch is great for the landscape because it conserved moisture and suppresses weeds, but it isn't always great for sprinkler emitters. The mulch can fall into the hole that houses pop-up emitter heads, which can clog the head or block it from sinking properly into the hole after the sprinkler is done running. If you must place an emitter in a mulched card bed, protect it from these problem by using a sprinkler collar. These plastic or concrete donut-shaped devices sit on top of the soil and surround the sprinkler, which keeps all debris from the mulch away from the emitter.

#3:Not protecting exposed emitters

Exposed emitters are those that are hard to see in taller grass, especially those that are fixed so that they don't drop down after the sprinkler is done running. These types of emitters are the ones most often damaged by a lawn mower. If you have emitters that don't pop down, make sure you can easily spot them when mowing. Either install some lawn flags to indicate their location before each mow, or install protective collars around each emitter so they are easier to spot in the long grass. If you do have the pop-up variety of emitters, check that they all dropped back into their holes before mowing.

For more help, talk with a sprinkler contractor in your area like Sergio's Lawn Service.


6 June 2017

Beautiful Landscaping Can Transform the Look of Any Home

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