Snow Removal For Your School: Four Things To Know


As winter weather approaches, you want to know that your school has a plan in place for snow removal. Use this guide to help your school prepare for snow so students and their parents can access the building during snowy and icy weather.

Arrange For Overnight Snow Removal

When overnight storms hit, having overnight snow removal can help to ensure your parking lots are ready for faculty and school drop-off times. The parking lots will be empty, which will make it easier for your snow removal company to take on this task. Be sure that any contract you have with a snow removal service includes late night and early morning service so your school can be ready to open on time.

Plan For Sidewalk Maintenance

In some cases, you may want to arrange to have sidewalks leading to your school plowed. This can be a benefit for students who walk to school, as their paths will be a bit easier to navigate. Work with your local municipality to see who is responsible for snow removal in the blocks surrounding your school, and talk to your district administration to cover the cost of removing snow from these areas if needed.

Don't Forget About Ice

Even on days that are not snowy, your sidewalks and parking lots can be hazardous. Talk to your snow removal service about additional options, such as regular salting of the lots and sidewalks. This can prevent icy patches that might cause slips and falls, which can be dangerous for both students and faculty. You may be able to have these areas salted daily throughout the winter for added safety,

Ask About Response Times

Snow storms can begin while students are in school, and if you aren't able to dismiss the children safely in time, they may face treacherous conditions for walking or being driven home. You want to make sure that your snow removal service has quick response times to ensure you can have snow and ice removed as quickly as possible. You may be able to pay extra for priority service to ensure the safety of your students and faculty.

Of course, it's still a good idea to keep some snow removal equipment on your school grounds just in case your snow removal service can't get to you in time. Having a plan and a backup plan can make it easier for you and your administration to make decisions about keeping your school open on snowy days. For more information, contact companies like Easy Care Landscaping.


24 August 2017

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