Tips For Safely Removing A Tree From Your Yard


If you've got a problematic tree in your yard, you're probably getting ready to have it removed. But, what if you want to try to do it yourself? The good news is that it's possible to remove the tree on your own, but you need to not only be properly prepared but also recognize when it's time to call a professional tree removal service. Here are some tips to help you prepare for and remove that tree that's in your yard:

Get The Right Safety Gear

If you're going to do it yourself, you need to do it safely. That means having the right safety gear before you get started. Make sure that you have thick gloves to protect your hands. You'll also want safety glasses and a hard hat. Taking trees down can put you at risk of falls, injuries from falling branches, insect stings, cuts, and more.

When you plan to use a chainsaw to take the tree down, you'll also want to have safety clothes that are made from a tightly woven material, such as Kevlar, as well as ear protection. The noise from a chainsaw can damage your ears if they're not properly shielded. And many people don't recognize the damage that can be caused by chips that fly back from a chainsaw, or from the blade itself if the chainsaw should break loose from your grip.

Know Where The Power Lines Are

If the tree in question is growing near power lines, even within as much as ten feet or so, you shouldn't try to take it down yourself. You can suffer injuries without even touching the lines yourself. If a branch touches the line, it can conduct electricity and injure you. Reach out to the electric company as well as a professional tree removal service to deal with trees that close to power lines.

Don't Work From A Ladder

Without proper training, trying to cut branches from a tree while on a ladder can be dangerous. If you can't trim the tree down safely from the ground, it's best to let a tree removal service handle it. If you can get trimmers that will reach while you're on the ground, take down any large branches before you cut the tree down to help minimize any collateral damage when you drop the tree.

Be Realistic About The Falling Zone

Remember that when the tree falls, you're going to have a falling zone that's as tall as the tree, and it could go in any of several directions. Make sure that the area all the way around the tree is clear for at least the entire height of the tree plus a few feet. If there's any chance of it hitting a garage, house, or any other obstructions, work with a tree removal company to have the tree taken down safely.


25 September 2017

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