5 Advantages Of Lawn Aeration


Aeration is the process of punching multiple small holes in the surface of your yard's soil, allowing air to circulate within the top layer of the ground. This distinct landscaping procedure confers a number of important practical advantages to your yard. Understanding what lawn aeration can provide for your yard and garden can help make it easier for you to decide whether or not aeration is the right choice for your landscaping projects.

Advantages of Lawn Aeration

Improved Grass Health: The main benefit associated with aerating your lawn is the fact that it can help improve the health of your grass. This is because the holes that are punched in the dirt allow for water to reach the roots of your lawn easier, and a greater amount of nutrients, oxygen, and valuable minerals that are necessary for growth can be absorbed into the soil.

Improved Drainage: In a similar vein to the above point, the fact that your grass is able to absorb a greater amount of water when it rains can help reduce the erosion and pooling water that can plague certain landscapes. This comes with the added benefit of saving you money on your water bills since you won't have to run your sprinklers or otherwise water your lawn as much once it's been aerated.

Broken Up Soil: Beyond allowing for water to more easily get into the soil, the process of physically breaking up the soil will also eliminate compacted areas of soil, thatch, and other organic debris which can prevent plant growth. Furthermore, this makes the soil in your lawn much less hospitable to insects and pests which could otherwise pose a real threat to the health of your grass and other plants.

Improved Effectiveness of Spraying: If you apply any sort of pesticide or insecticide on your lawn, it's best to do so after you aerate your lawn, much for the same reason that watering your lawn becomes more effective after aeration. The chemicals will be able to soak into the ground better and provide a more effective barrier against potential pests in the future.

Fertilizer Absorption: Finally, much in the same train of thought as the above benefits, aerating your lawn right before you apply fertilizer to it allows for a greater amount of that fertilizer to actually be absorbed into the soil, and less to be wasted due to water runoff, which can help you revitalize your lawn. 

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6 December 2017

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