3 Reasons To Have A Retaining Wall Built


If your property has a steep grade from the yard to your home, or another abrupt drop-off, a retaining wall may be the ideal solution. Often made from concrete, brick, or natural stone, a retaining wall offers both functional and aesthetic benefits for homeowners. Here are a few of the best reasons to have a retaining wall built on your property:

Provide a Stable and Level Surface

When your yard has a steep slope, it seriously limits the amount of usable space. You may not be able to put in a patio, have your kids play in the yard, or plant a garden if your yard's grading is too steep. Adding a retaining wall makes it possible to create a level, stable surface where grass can then be planted.

It will essentially give you a flat, stable, functional yard that you can use in whatever ways you choose. This can greatly expand the usable square footage of your yard. The added stability and improved grading will also prevent rock and mudslides from occurring on your property.

Reduce Water Run-Off

Another major benefit of retaining walls is that they redirect and block rainwater and snow melt, so you no longer have to worry about run-off flowing toward your home. On properties with grading issues, this is a huge improvement since water run-off is a common cause of foundation weakening, flooded basements, damaged siding, mold, and other problems that are best avoided.

In some cases, you may want to combine the retaining wall with French drains or small, strategically placed trenches throughout your yard. This powerful combination works together to redirect water from your home, even when you have a steep slope and live in an area with heavy rainfall.

Add Beauty and Texture

While retaining walls are typically added for their functional benefits, they can also add dimension, visual interest, and beauty to your yard. Retaining walls can be made with decorative natural stone or other visually pleasing materials. They can also be combined with fencing and gates (placed on top of the retaining wall structure) for enhanced privacy and an even more beautiful appearance. 

When deciding if a retaining wall is the best option for your property needs, it's wise to have a consultation with a fencing and exterior wall company, like Quality Lawn & Landscape. They can inspect your property, discuss your needs and budget, and help you determine the best possible solutions for your unique property and preferences.


25 December 2017

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