How to Get Healthy and Easy-to-Maintain Landscaping


Landscaping improves the appearance of your home's exterior and your yard and the value of your home and neighborhood as well. Keeping up a great-looking and clean-cut yard does not need to take a whole chunk of your free time for upkeep; you can add elements to your yard to minimize its maintenance requirements. Here are three reasons for you to use healthy soil that is easy to maintain and gives your landscaping an overall well-manicured look.

Manage Landscaping Soil  

By adding landscaping bedding areas around the perimeter of your home, you can help boost the value of your home and also prevent termite problems. A properly landscaped area immediately next to your foundation helps promote moisture runoff away from your foundation and basement and can help reduce the chance of your having termites if you live in a termite-prone area. 

Be sure to supplement the soil next to your home to create a slightly higher elevation that slopes away from the foundation. This promotes moisture runoff away from your foundation and basement and visually defines the landscaping area. Then, add a decorative rock or stone over the surface of the soil immediately next to your home to fight termites. (Termites live in organic and woody materials, such as vegetation and wood chips, so keep these materials a couple of feet away from your foundation.)

Prevent Soil Erosion

Areas in your yard that are not made up of lawn or other ground cover are prone to soil erosion due to wind, rain, and water runoff.  But by adding a layer of decorative mulch to your landscaping areas that are not in direct contact with your home's foundation, you can protect against erosion and gain some extra benefits.

Wood chips, bark, and other decorative mulches protect the soil from erosion and also help the soil retain its moisture, to the benefit of your landscaping plants. Then, weeds have a more difficult time germinating and establishing a hold in the soil, so your landscaping will be easier to maintain.

Install Clean Edges

The edges between your different landscaping areas, such as the mulch and your lawn or the lawn and your driveway, look better when you keep them clean and trimmed. A sturdy edging material, such as concrete edging, can last many decades and keep your landscaping growth in the areas you want it to stay. So, for example, your lawn won't grow into your creeping myrtle ground cover.

For help with your lawn, contact a landscape design service.


29 May 2019

Beautiful Landscaping Can Transform the Look of Any Home

When my husband and I bought our house years ago, we thought it would be our "starter" home and we would move in a few years. We soon had two children, and we then decided against moving since we live in a great school district and we love our neighbors. However, I was growing very tired of the appearance of our home. We painted it a different color, and it still seemed like the "same old house" that we were tired of. We finally deciding that maybe good landscaping would "do the trick" and make our home more enjoyable to use again. We were right, and I now love our home! I now love spending time in our yard and just enjoying the scenery. I have such a passion for landscaping now I decided to create a blog about it. I plan to share many landscaping tips, so come back!