How To Save Your Thinning Lawn


A thin lawn doesn't just look less lush and inviting, it also can become more difficult to care for as weeds invade the bare spots. Fortunately, there are things you can do to repair the lawn as soon as you notice that the grass is thinning. The following information can help.

Thatch Removal

Over time, a thatch layer made up of the old blades of dead grass forms over the top of the soil. A thin layer of thatch is beneficial because it acts like a mulch, but too much thatch can choke out the grass. The good news is you can quickly remove the thatch with the help of a special tool called a dethatching rake. This rake is designed to pull up excess thatch without harming the remaining grass. Dethatching is the first thing you should do once you decide to address your thinning lawn.


Moisture and nutrients can't soak into the soil if it has become compacted, which can lead to grass die-off and a thinning lawn. Aeration is the solution to compaction problems because it breaks up the soil without harming the grass. You can rent an aeration tool to do the job yourself, or you can hire a service to aerate your lawn. Often, dethatching and aeration services are bundled together.


A lack of nutrients also affects the lushness of your lawn. While fertilization helps, if your yard lacks good soil structure, your lawn may still suffer. A compost topdressing can improve the soil structure and help your lawn recover. Compost is spread in a thin layer over the top of the grass and then raked and watered in until it sifts down to the soil. You can repeat this top dressing a couple of times a season to help improve the soil and to add some nutrients to the lawn.


Overseeding is the final key for your lawn's recovery. Begin with moist soil that has already been dethatched, aerated, and topdressed. You can spread the seed using a seed spreader so that it is evenly distributed, but hand spreading is also sufficient for a small area. Keep the ground moist and avoid walking on it or mowing until the seeds have germinated and the new grass has grown in. You may need to reseed some areas every year, particularly high traffic areas or those that are in deep shade.

For more help, contact a grass contractor in your area.


5 January 2020

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