5 Reasons You're Experiencing Low Water Pressure in a Sprinkler System


Poor water pressure can prevent your sprinkler heads from popping up and spraying, and if they do spray, then the water may be weak and not reach as far as usual. The following are five reasons why you may be experiencing pressure problems.

1. Water Line Leaks

The most common reason for low water pressure is a broken water line. If the break is at the beginning of the system, then low pressure will affect all the sprinkler heads. The break may be in a periphery line if only a few sprinkler heads are affected. You can sometimes tell there is a leak because a soggy area will develop in the yard above the broken line. You will need to have the line replaced to repair the issue.

2. Backflow Valve Issues

Backflow prevention valves prevent water from flowing back into the system when the lines are blown out for the winter months. If the valves aren't fully opened again once you resume watering, then the pressure will seem low. You must turn the valve handles so that they run parallel to the water line to open them fully. If this doesn't work, the valves may require replacement.

3. Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Clogs in the sprinkler head are most common in the early part of the watering season when you first start turning on the irrigation system, although they can happen later as well. Grass and dirt can become compacted into the sprinkler head well, which will prevent the head from fully emerging during a watering cycle. The debris may also clog the emitter holes in the sprinkler head and restrict water flow. A full cleaning will solve the problem.

4. Damaged Sprinkler Head

Damage to a sprinkler head can also inhibit water flow. Damage can occur due to weathering and age or it can happen due to mechanical damage, such as hitting the sprinkler head with the lawnmower. Fortunately, sprinkler heads are inexpensive and simple to replace, so you can simply install a new sprinkler head to solve the problem.

5. Municipal Water Problems

Low water pressure may not indicate a problem with your system but with the municipal water supply. If you notice low pressure in other parts of your home's water service, such as inside the house, then it's likely a municipal problem. One way to counteract this is to water as less popular times since sometimes municipal pressure loss is a result of heavy neighborhood water use.

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24 June 2020

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