Autumn Lawn Care Tips for the Average Homeowner


As summer comes to an end, you may be looking forward to a break from all the hard landscaping and lawn care work you need to do all summer. But before you hang up your gardening gloves and leave your lawn to its own devices, there are a few autumn lawn care tips you'll want to follow.

1. Keep mowing, but less often.

As grass growth slows down in the fall, it's tempting to just leave it alone. But it really is best to keep mowing it, even though you will only be taking a tiny amount off each time. This will help ensure that the lower parts of the grass stalks are able to enjoy sun exposure in the autumn when the sun is a bit more scarce. You can usually get away with mowing once every two weeks in the autumn.

2. Rake up leaves as they fall.

Do not wait until all of the leaves have fallen from the tree to rake them up. Fallen leaves keep sunlight and water from reaching the lawn, and those items are already scarce this time of year. Rake your leaves up as they fall. Many people rake once a week on the weekends, and that tends to work well. This also saves you from having to exhaust yourself and spend all day raking once all the leaves have fallen.

3. Sprinkle a grub treatment.

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. They can be incredibly destructive to a lawn as they feed on the roots of your grass, which ultimately kills it. The struggle with grubs is that they tend to appear early in the spring before homeowners are really aware of them. As such, the best way to deal with them is to sprinkle a grub treatment on your lawn as a preventative measure in the fall. You can buy a grub killer at any home improvement store. Just apply the amount that is recommended, preferably before it rains so the rain can carry the treatment into the ground.

4. Water, if needed.

In some areas, fall brings plenty of rain. But if you live in an area that has been dry in the fall, you should really water your lawn periodically during this season. You want to keep the grassroots healthy so the grass comes back better in the spring.

The lawn care tips above will help keep your lawn healthy through the fall season and beyond. Contact lawn care companies like Rock Solid Services LLC to learn more. 


26 August 2020

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