A Paver Patio Could Be The Perfect Addition To Your Property


If you're going to install a patio, and you want something more attractive than a plain concrete slab, consider a paver patio. You can buy pavers in different shapes and colors, and this gives you the chance to make your patio into something beautiful or unique. Here are some steps for putting in a paver patio.

Compare Different Types Of Pavers

Pavers are either natural stone or manufactured. Natural stone pavers, such as flagstone, come in irregular shapes and different shades of color, just like the stone appears naturally when mined from the earth. Flagstone is a good choice for a patio because of its appearance and because flagstone tends to stay cooler in the sun than other types of pavers.

You might want pavers of more uniform size and color. In that case, you could choose brick or concrete pavers. You can get both brick and concrete in various colors, such as red, brown, tan, pink, gray, or green.

Put In A Stable Base

A compacted, stable base is essential for any type of patio, but it's especially important for pavers because you don't want some pavers to sink and create a trip hazard. Work with a paver patio builder to create the base so your patio has a strong foundation.

However, before work begins on the base, you'll need to mark off the area for your new patio, and that might take some thought and planning so your patio has the right dimensions for all the activities you want to do outdoors, such as grill, picnic, or just lounge in the breeze.

Install The Pavers

Pavers are installed on a layer of sand. The sand allows water to drain and the pavers can be embedded in it to hold them in place. Sand is also poured between the pavers once they're in place to fill the seams and lock the stones in their position.

If your patio will have pavers of different sizes and colors, the patio builder may lay out the stones on the grass first so the right pattern can be arranged to make your patio the most attractive.

Seal The Pavers

You don't have to seal patio pavers, but you may want to discuss the option with your patio builder. Sealing them protects the pavers from stains and wear. Your pavers will retain their color longer and stay in better shape.

However, if you want to seal your patio, the builder might recommend you wait rather than seal the pavers as soon as they're installed. This allows time for the patio to settle. If you're installing concrete pavers, you may need to wait longer to allow time for the efflorescence, or chalky residue, to evaporate from the pavers before they're sealed.

For more information, reach out to a local paver patio builder.


23 October 2020

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