Commercial Lawn Care Recommendations For Your Landscaping Professional


Lawn care for your commercial building is a seemingly unimportant part of taking care of your business, however, the appearance of your commercial build's exterior can make a big difference in the impression of your customers and vendors. For this reason, commercial lawn care can be an essential maintenance task that you should take into serious consideration when you are looking to hire a lawn care professional. Here are some recommendations to look for in your professional lawn care service and landscaping.

Manage the Mower During Trimmings

The manner in which your lawn professional uses the mower to trim your commercial lawn should be managed to give your lawn the best chance at good health. First, instead of bagging up the lawn clippings, it is health-promoting to your lawn to let the clippings fall back down into the soil around your lawn. These clippings will supplement your soil with essential elements your lawn needs for good health. Just be sure your lawn care professional does not mow the lawn when it is wet because clippings will clump together and can smother and kill your lawn in spots.

Protect the Lawn

Along with putting the lawn clippings back onto your lawn, one of the best things you can do for your lawn is to promote a long and healthy lawn. Your landscaping professional should do what they can to protect your lawn from being cut too short. A lawn that has been scalped and cut too short will be prickly and grow in thin because of the plant die-offs and the soil and the lawn plant roots will be exposed to the harsh sun's rays and heat. This can lead to further lawn die-offs and will require you to water your lawn more.

To get a thick looking lawn, you need the lawn blades to grow longer. Your professional landscaper should set the mower on a higher setting for the blade so it cuts off no more than one-third of the blade length. If the soil is soft from moisture, the blade will need to be positioned even higher to compensate for the mower's wheels sinking into the soil.

A professional lawn landscaper should never trim the lawn too short. A lawn should be mowed on a regular schedule and based on its growth, so if the lawn grows more during the spring because of wet weather, you may need to arrange for a trim more frequently.

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15 January 2021

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