The Landscaping Soil Stabilization Guide to Deal With Unstable Terrain


If you are dealing with unstable terrain and are ready to start renovating your landscaping, you need to find the right soil stabilization techniques. Modern soil stabilization systems give you more options than just using retaining walls. There are options like lime treatments, soil grouting, and geotextile solutions that can help you with your project. The following soil stabilization information will help you plan your landscaping renovations:

Pier and Grouting to Prevent Land Movement

Sometimes, there are issues with slopes that you want to prevent moving. When the depth of the soil on slopes is too deep, common solutions with plant ground cover will not provide the solution you need. Therefore, alternative solutions, like driving piers into the soil to the bedrock, may be needed. If piers can't be driven through the soil, drilling and a soil grouting technique can be used to prevent the stabilization solution you need to keep the soil of slopes in its place.

Lime Treatments to Harden Softer Soils

In some areas, the soils can be too soft for building or for the finishes you are planning for landscaping renovations. Therefore, the soils may need to be hardened before the work you are planning for your landscaping can be completed. This type of soil treatment involves using a lime mixture and blending it into the soil. This will cause the soils to harden naturally like Portland cement. This soil stabilization method may be needed where there are going to be landscaping structures or hardscaping features.

Geotextiles to Hold Soils and Prevent Movement

Another option to consider for your landscaping project is a geotextile material. Today, various geotextile systems can be used for soil stabilization in landscaping. These are special textiles that are used to cover the soils to support loads, prevent movement, and stabilize landscaping. These materials can be used for various types of landscaping designs and planted with ground cover or plants for attractive finishes.

Custom Designed Retaining Walls to Support Soils

There are also options for custom retaining walls that can be used for soil stabilization solutions. Retaining walls are a common solution to prevent movement in landscaping designs. In some situations, you may need specially designed retaining walls to provide soil stabilization. These designs can include features like piers that are driven down to solid earth or deeper footing beams that provide extra stability.

The soil stabilization solutions are important if your want to renovate your landscaping with a new design. Contact a soil stabilization landscaper to help develop the plan for your landscaping renovations on unstable terrain.


16 June 2021

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