Create A Backyard Play & Learning Space For Your Children


Backyards are spaces where children can have a lot of fun, especially when the backyard landscaping is designed specifically to entertain children and their friends who visit for playdates. An ideal children's backyard can be a place where imagination and creativity meet with exercise and learning. In fact, being outdoors is a terrific way to reduce symptoms of ADHD in children.

The bonus of having a backyard designed specifically for children is that it will keep them preoccupied and away from screens and electronics. Here are several landscape designs that cater to children and how to convey your wishes to a landscape design contractor. 

Ideas for a Backyard Designed for Children

Having a backyard designed for children doesn't mean you just plop a swingset in the middle of the backyard and call it a day. There are so many things you can do in the backyard that will keep your children busy, happy, and safe for hours. Of course, you definitely want to make sure that no poisonous or dangerous plants will grow, first and foremost. Beyond that, the sky is the limit. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tall grass to explore in
  • A sandpit to dig in 
  • A water fountain to splash in
  • Flowers to attract butterflies
  • Vegetables to grow
  • A hammock to read on
  • A table to do homework on
  • A bike trail to ride on
  • A basketball court to play on
  • Rocks to climb on

Your only limits are the size of your backyard and any regulations you are required to abide by for your town and/or community. Your landscape design contractor can help you navigate those regulations. Your children can help you determine which types of activities they'd enjoy in the backyard. Keep in mind that many of these elements can be changed over time so the backyard will essentially grow with your children. 

Create a Wish List for Your Landscape Design Contractor

After discussing the various ideas with your children, create a wish list of things everyone wants in the backyard. You may need to prioritize the listed items. Be sure to tell your children that this list may change, depending on what the design contractor recommends. Then, with the list in hand, meet with a landscape design contractor to determine what can and can't be done in your backyard based on not only the regulations but also the layout, size, and any possible stormwater management concerns. For more information, contact a company like Goodman's Lawn and Landscape.


3 September 2021

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