5 Benefits Of Using Concrete For Your Patio Surface


A patio is the perfect thing to finish off a backyard landscape design, especially if you plan to spend any time entertaining, dining, or simply hanging out in the yard. If you are trying to decide what material to use for the patio, look no further than dependable concrete.

1. Cost-Effective

Concrete is one of the lower-cost options for a patio, especially when compared to stone pavers and brick. Some of the savings is in the materials, since concrete itself costs less than the other options. Even more of the savings can be in the labor, since pouring a new concrete patio is typically less time-consuming than putting in the patio brick by brick. 

2. Low Maintenance

There really is no need for major maintenance when it comes to concrete. You don't have to replace grouted joints or reseal the joints every year. At most, you may want to pressure wash the surface periodically if it becomes dirty or apply a sealer every few years if the patio is fully exposed to the elements and to prevent staining. On a daily or weekly basis, the only maintenance required for a concrete patio is occasional sweeping to remove collected dirt and dust.

3. Weather Resistant

Weathering can affect fully exposed concrete, particularly if it is driven on or otherwise subjected to heavy use, but the standard patio is under at least partial cover and sees nothing more than foot traffic. For what weathering a patio is exposed to, concrete is an extremely weather-resistant and durable choice. Rain, hail, and ice won't damage an unbroken concrete surface, and even heat has minimal effect. 

4. Fully Customizable

There's no need to stick with a boring square or otherwise symmetrical patio shape. Concrete forms can be built to any shape, to the custom specifications of the space you have available. It's simple to pour concrete with curves, so you can have a circular patio or one with waves along one edge to create a more interesting visual shape for a bordering garden bed. 

5. Versatile Surfacing

Surfacing options means you don't have to be stuck with plain concrete. Aggregate surfaces, for example, feature embedded stones in the concrete surface for a lovely look and increased traction. You can also have the concrete stamped with designs or to resemble paving stones. There are even dying and tinting options so you can add some color to the paving. 

Contact a concrete patio service to learn more about your patio installation options. 

For more information on concrete patios, contact a professional near you.


26 October 2021

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