Homeowners: Is Your Mature Tree Dying Or Simply Aging?


If you maintain several large or mature trees in your backyard, you want to keep the trees as healthy and structurally sound as you possibly can. But if one of your trees looks unhealthy and damaged, you may not know if the tree is dying or simply showing its age. Your tree may be too old and sickly to remain in your backyard. Learn more about aging trees and why it may be time to remove your old tree below.

Is Your Tree Dying or Showing Signs of Age?

Although all trees can potentially live for long periods of time without health problems, some trees can succumb to pathogens and other issues as they age or mature. Issues, such as blight and pest damage, can weaken an aging tree's ability to produce healthy leaves and branches or maintain strong roots. Unhealthy mature trees can become dangerous if their roots or trunks die. 

If your tree is unhealthy and dying, it may exhibit a number of signs or symptoms, including:

  • multiple dead branches and limbs throughout the tree's canopy
  • crumbly discolored roots that appear parched or stripped of moisture
  • brown, brittle, and dried leaves and buds

Insects, such as termites and wood-boring beetles, may also take up residence in a dying tree. The insects may create nesting sites or colonies throughout the tree's trunk and roots. 

If your mature tree exhibits the signs or symptoms above, call a landscaper or tree contractor immediately. 

Is It Time to Remove Your Aging Tree?

A landscaper or tree contractor can inspect your aging tree to see if it's too damaged to remain in your backyard. Although your tree looks extremely unhealthy, there may be a way to save it. However, a contractor must examine your tree before they can offer you the best solution for it.

If a landscaper or contractor can't save your tree, they'll remove the tree from your backyard. A professional may use different equipment or tools to cut down and remove your aging tree, including saws and wood chippers. If your tree is extremely tall or large, a contractor may need to bring it down in pieces to keep your home and property safe from falling limbs and branches.

If a landscaper or tree contractor offers to remove the tree's stump, go ahead and do so. Tree stumps can attract insects, fungi, and even pathogens over time. Pests and pathogens can leave the stump and spread to the other mature trees in your backyard. You want to take every precaution necessary to keep your other trees healthy and thriving.

You can learn more about mature trees and how to remove them from your backyard by contacting a landscaper or tree removal contractor.


2 June 2022

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