Want A Lush Lawn? Install Sod To Replace The Grass


Taking care of a lawn takes a lot of time from mowing, applying fertilizer, watering, and taking care of weeds. If you do not have time to do these things you should consider replacing the grass with sod, which is real grass. The grass is held together with a layer of materials and the root system. This gives you an instantly beautiful, green lawn that will take you a lot longer to grow if you plant grass seed. Keep reading to learn how the sod will be installed on your lawn.

Remove Grass

The first thing the sod installation company will do is remove the old grass. They have mechanical equipment they can use to do this quickly. If you have a very small lawn the contractor may use a hoe or other type of tool to remove the grass. 

It is important that the grass is removed deep, so all the roots are also removed. Once the grass is removed the contractor will inspect the soil. If they find any debris, such as sticks, rocks, etc. these will be removed. They will then make sure the yard is completely level. They will fill in low areas with topsoil or remove soil in areas where the soil is too high. They then add a couple of inches of topsoil and gently till it. This is needed to help prevent problems with drainage when it rains. 

Test the Soil

Once the old grass is removed the contractor will test the soil. They will dig some soil, place it in a container, and send it to a soil test lab. The lab will do the test which will show them if the soil needs to be amended. For example, the pH level may be too high or too low. This also shows them if your soil needs other nutrients, such as potassium, added to help the sod be healthy. 

If your soil is lacking in nutrients there are amendments the contractor will add to the soil. They apply this much like you would fertilizer. The contractor will know the right amounts to use and the best time to apply them. When the soil has been amended, they use a roller to rake the soil to get it ready for the sod installation. 

Install the Sod

It is now time for the contractor to install the sod for your lawn. Sod comes in rolls that the contractor can easily cut to the right size. They start out laying in rows until the entire lawn is covered. They are careful while they are laying the sod making sure each row connects correctly and there are no gaps. If you have a fence, patio, driveway, etc. the contractor will ensure the sod is installed correctly around these things. 

The contractor has specific tools they use to cut the sod in a straight line. When they are finished, they will water your sod to help the roots get established with the existing soil. You will have to stay off your lawn for a certain amount of time, which the contractor can tell you about. 

The contractor can give you tips on how to care for your new lawn to keep it looking great. For more information, contact a sod installation company near you.


12 August 2022

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