Common Myths Concerning Retaining Walls


In order to make the most of your landscaping and to ensure that it looks its best, there can be a number of upgrades and changes that you may want to make. One of these changes could be the installation of retaining walls. These walls can be instrumental in preventing soil from shifting or becoming unstable, but they can be very misunderstood by homeowners that are needing to assess whether installing them is the right choice.

Myth: Retaining Walls Will Always Be Very Large

A homeowner that assumes that retaining walls will always be very large may be more prone to skip having this upgrade done to the property. In reality, the height of the retaining wall will need to be determined by the terrain that it is supporting. Depending on the height of the soil that it will have to hold back, the retaining wall may only need to be a couple of feet high. This can help to minimize the visibility of the retaining wall so that it will be less likely to dominate the appearance of the landscaping. However, it will still be able to provide the support that your soil is needing.

Myth: A Retaining Will Not Require Any Maintenance

Due to the fact that a retaining wall will often be made of stone or concrete, individuals may fail to recognize that there will be some necessary maintenance. For example, the retaining wall should be periodically cleaned to stop moss from growing on it as this is a material that will be able to degrade the stone and mortar. In addition to regularly cleaning the retaining wall, it should be inspected for signs of cracking or shifting as these can be common problems as retaining walls become older and suffer more extensive wear.

Myth: A Single Loose Stone Or Brick Is Not An Important Issue To Repair

A loose stone or brick in your retaining wall can be a problem that may be easy to delay having repaired due to the fact that it may not seem like a major problem for the structure. However, a loose stone can compromise the overall weight distribution of the retaining wall, which can lead to other bricks or stones starting to loosen and fail. In most cases, repairing this problem will only require the stone to be re-anchored with mortar. It can also be worthwhile to inspect the mortar for the rest of the retaining wall to determine whether any other stones or bricks are likely to become loose in the near future.

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25 October 2022

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