Important Types Of Lawn Care Your Grass Needs To Stay Healthy And Strong


A beautiful lawn doesn't come naturally. Weeds compete with grass, and your grass may succumb to insect damage and poor nutrition. Lawn care encompasses many things. You may have a hard time keeping up with all you have to do, so hiring a lawn care service is often the best thing to do.

Learn about the services they offer, whether it's only mowing or also adding lawn treatments, so you know if there is anything you need to do yourself to keep your grass lush. Here are some important components of quality lawn care.

Nourish The Grass

Grass needs fertilizer and water to be healthy. Fertilizer is often applied in the spring and fall, but it can also be applied when your grass starts to look weak in spots. You can spray liquid fertilizer or spread granules over your grass. The nutrients in fertilizer help your grass grow deep roots and strong blades so the grass is lush and able to fight off insects.

Grass also needs to be watered regularly, and the most convenient way to do that is with a sprinkler system. You can set the system up to turn the water on and off automatically so you don't even have to remember to water your grass.

Control Weed Growth

One reason it's important to keep your grass healthy is that healthy grass can make it difficult for weeds to get started in your lawn. Still, applying herbicide is often a good idea.

You can buy mixes of fertilizer and herbicide that can be applied at the same time for convenience, and you can also buy weed killer to use for spot treatments throughout the growing season.

Keep Destructive Insects Away

You might need to have your yard treated for insects occasionally. Insects can gnaw the blades and make your grass weak. Your lawn might develop brown spots where insects have started to take over.

If you see brown spots, ask your lawn care service what causes them, and if they discover insects, you may need to call a pest control company for help if the lawn care service doesn't provide insect treatments.

Mow And Trim The Grass

Adding lawn treatments doesn't take too long, so you might manage those yourself, but mowing is a different matter. Mowing should be done regularly on a set schedule so your grass stays a uniform height all season. Mowing makes your grass healthier, and it also makes your lawn beautiful.

Mowing plus trimming, edging, and blowing clippings back on the grass can be a lot of work if your yard is very large, so hiring a lawn care service saves you work and time. Plus, you won't have to worry about maintaining equipment.

Contact a lawn care company for more information. 


22 November 2022

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