When Is Artificial Turf A Better Option Than Natural Grass?


People often strongly favor natural grass over artificial turf. However, an artificial turf installation can solve numerous problems in the right scenarios. Individuals and businesses facing these six issues should contact a synthetic turf installation company.

High-Traffic Areas

Some locations get so much foot traffic that natural grass is never going to have a fighting chance. For example, a concert venue might want to have green landscaping at its entrances. However, concertgoers aren't known for their willingness to stay off the grass. To avoid having a barren patch of dirt on the property, an artificial grass installation may be the only good choice. Especially if you've tried the toughest breeds of grasses with no success, an artificial solution is the answer.

Animal Urine

Pets sometimes urinate on grass enough that it harms its growth. Wild and stray animals also can contribute to the problem. Particularly if they're damaging a highly visible area, you may want to discuss artificial turf installation services.

Water Restrictions

The options for maintaining greenery in regions with severe water restrictions are limited. You can explore other options like xeriscaping, but these often yield very desert-like landscapes. There isn't anything wrong with that, but it doesn't produce lush and green results. Especially if your area has unpredictable fluctuations in rainfall, it may be best to install artificial grass.

Erosion Control

Some folks deal with the opposite problem where heavy rain destroys slopes on their properties. Especially if you have a location that doesn't favor plant growth, artificial grass can provide a surface that directs water away from the soil. Combined with a sufficient drainage system, this can make a huge difference in keeping a property dry and erosion-free.

Discouraging Invasive Species

An artificial turf installation also can deter invasive plant, bug, or animal species. Some locations don't grow grass well, but invasive plants like knotweed will happily colonize them. You can remove them, and then the artificial grass will keep these plants from getting sunlight. Similarly, artificial grass can discourage bugs and animals that might thrive in grassy areas.

Indoor Landscaping

Sometimes you want the look of grass in an indoor space. However, it's hard to keep natural grass thriving in such areas. An artificial turf installation is a great way to add greenery to a school, mall, hotel, or other indoor location. You also can use artificial grass to beautify a rooftop garden or entertainment space. 

For more information about artificial turf installation, contact a local company. 


31 May 2023

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