Mistakes That Could Harm Your Lawn


Mistakes with caring for your lawn can severely impact the overall attractiveness of your landscaping, and it can even increase the amount of erosion that occurs. While grass is a resilient plant, it is still beneficial to take steps to avoid the more common mistakes that could impact the health of these plants. Letting Areas Of The Lawn Thin With Intervening At some point, portions of the grass may start to thin in some areas.

24 February 2022

Recommendations To Order And Install Landscape Gravel


The landscaping in your yard is an important detail for the aesthetics of your property and also for erosion control of the soil. When you are planning a landscaping project, especially with rock, you can use a variety of materials to improve the soil and also create the proper grading and ground cover for a mixture of landscape and hardscape. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through the planning process of ordering the right materials for your rock landscaping project and installing it successfully.

26 January 2022

How To Grow Roses In Hot Summer/Mild Winter Climates


If you're like many people who live in climates with hot summers and mild winters, you may have given up on trying to grow roses in your home garden. Roses require a period of dormancy of at least four weeks to be at their best. Think of this as beauty sleep for roses — without it, they'll fail to thrive during the next growing season, becoming scraggly, thin, and eventually failing to produce flowers at all.

29 December 2021

3 Ways To Maximize Potential Landscape Use With Design Services


Using your landscape throughout the year can maximize homeowner satisfaction because you get to use the inside and outside freely. However, you may feel like your landscape lacks the features and qualities to enjoy the space regularly. Getting design services can help you make the impactful changes you need to maximize potential use. Accessibility Getting around your landscape may prove challenging at times. Rainfall can create puddles in certain areas, and the grass may become too wet to walk on comfortably.

6 December 2021

How Important Is Tree Trimming? What You Should Be Doing To Care For Your Trees


Taking care of your trees is a very important part of preventing them from dying. There are a few different ways a tree will die, including disease, weather damage, cold temperatures, or insects—even a combination of these issues. The following tree trimming information will help you with the care your trees need to keep them healthy. The Importance of Cleaning and Maintaining Your Trees Trimming trees is just as important as mowing the grass or watering the plants.

15 November 2021

5 Benefits Of Using Concrete For Your Patio Surface


A patio is the perfect thing to finish off a backyard landscape design, especially if you plan to spend any time entertaining, dining, or simply hanging out in the yard. If you are trying to decide what material to use for the patio, look no further than dependable concrete. 1. Cost-Effective Concrete is one of the lower-cost options for a patio, especially when compared to stone pavers and brick. Some of the savings is in the materials, since concrete itself costs less than the other options.

26 October 2021

Have Some Landscaping Rocks? 2 Ways To Use Them


If you have some landscaping rocks, there are many ways you can put them to use. Keep reading to learn about two ways so you can make your landscaping look better. Use Them as Mulch One way to use landscaping rocks is to use them as mulch for a flower garden. Even though mulch is much less expensive when compared to rocks, this will still save you money. This is because rocks are much more durable and will last as long as your garden does.

27 September 2021